Mobile Digital X-rays

Coastal Mobile X-Ray offers licensed and professional X-Ray technologists to your doorstep, anytime anywhere. Coastal’s experienced technicians while delivering the best possible care are respectful and courteous to the patients needs explaining step by step the procedure to patients and their families so they may understand what services are being preformed.

Coastal Mobile X-Ray performs portable X-ray, Diagnostic ultrasound, Cardiac Echo and EKGs. The use of state of the art digital equipment allows Coastal to deliver prompt and efficient services to the patient and timely images to the clinical staff that ordered these studies, images may be viewed through our secured website almost immediately while written reports are posted to the secure link via board certified Radiologist and Cardiologists. The efficiency of digital imaging allows for expedited results and physician conference 24/7.

Coastal Mobile X-Ray transmission of data to and from providers, Board Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists are compliant with Title II of the Health Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).